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this page is a little tribute to one of my more recent fictional crushes to take completely over my life. here i'll be sharing more on her,explaining things about her origins, and just in general sharing my appreciation for her!!! i hope you wont mind!

[About RIE Herself]

RIE-Chan (named CARRIE in the localized asian english releases), originates from KONAMI's Pop'n Music, she's an 18yr old girl whose pretty much into fashion, designing and is friends with another girl known as SANAE-Chan. 

she originally debuted in the first game and her last appearance was in the idk-nth entry Pop'n Music Sunny Park. or atleast to my basic knowledge of the franchise.


 piece of concept art of her that i do not know where its from

[What about my appreciation towards her?]

Good question!,i remember it sorta vague, but one day i rediscovered pop'n after a while of having not drawn nyami and mimi for a while, and then when i first saw her, it was clear i liked her. i started by snubbing a copy of the first game and EPSXE. after that was a blunder i then got duckstation and immediately started trying to figure out how to play as her. lets say im rough at rythm games, regardless her cuteness is enough for me. i like to think of her as someone pretty kindhearted that would probably hug me from once a while or so, we would do cute stuff together.

for example...

-she's into fashion canonically, so we would play dressup from time to time!

-cuddle together, have a hug for a while,par for the obvious! of course i'd want to hug her..

-draw stuff together, it would be a little silly to see eachother of us try and draw eachother.. it could be cute though!

-maybe lay back on a field and watch the night sky together, i love the idea of watching the stars with my crushes all the time however.

-sit on the couch and watch some shows, meanwhile a blanket covers our laps and we rest ourselves on our shoulders!! i wonder what kinds of shows she'd enjoy.. probably sth very soft and cutesy!